What to Know About Cutting Tiles?

Cutting tiles should be done perfectly whenever you are starting a tiling project. It can be a difficult process for a beginner as it will be harder to place the tiles and visualize the layout. There are also different machinery and equipment that are used for cutting tiles.

Some of the equipment you need to cut tiles are tile files, tile cutters, time markers, and protective equipment such as face masks, gloves, and goggles. There are different types of drill bits such as tungsten carbide drill bit for ceramic tiles, stone tiles, etc., and diamond drill bit for wet cutting tiles slowly. Manual tile cutters can deal with ceramic tiles of thicknesses less than 8mm. There are heavy-duty manual cutters as well.

You need to score the tile to mark the line where you need to cut and then proceed with the cutting. Scoring wheels are needed for a manual cutter and they come in different sizes. You need to measure your tile before you cut it. Manual cutters can cut straight lines in the tile but if you want to cut curved edges or right angles, you need to use an electric cutter.

To measure how much of the tile to cut, you need to place the tile on top of the last full tile you have laid and mark the overlap. You need to consider the space required for the grout and movement joints. Once you place the tile in the cutter, you need to mark it with the scoring wheel by putting force on the cutter handle. Make sure that you score only once as doing it more times can result in the tile breaking.

You need to increase the pressure on the handle to snap the tile. Make sure to increase pressure gradually as you can break the tile into several pieces by putting excessive force. There can be instances where the cut edge is not fine enough. You can use a file to smooth the edge in this case.

The tile material will determine the amount of pressure used to cut it. For example, porcelain tiles require higher force. You can ask the tile store for recommendations on which cutters you can use on different tile materials to get the best results. A diamond blade is used for wet cutting and this is done through electricity. The blade will pick up water that will cool down the blade and the tile during the cutting process. This way, there is less chance for your tile cracking and the process will result in less dust.

You can choose the blade according to the material whether it is ceramic, porcelain, or stone. There are a few things to check before you proceed with the electric cutter such as inspecting for defects on the power cable and mains plug, checking the water level, and that safety guards are adjusted properly. You can also use angle grinders which will make for a faster cutting process. But you need to select the right blade so that the friction created doesn’t heat the tile and cause cracking.