The best type of door knob for your bathroom

Have you ever got locked in the bathroom? If yes, you must be aware of what kind of experience it can be. And if not, you should take some serious steps to avoid such kind of incidents. Being locked in the bathroom can be the worst nightmare ever. There is no doubt that we have smartphones these days that can be used to inform someone that we’re locked.

The best type of door knob for your bathroom

But what if you didn’t have your phone with you or what if you were home alone? There are many other situations when you’d find yourself in huge trouble. Therefore, you should take the steps that can protect you from getting locked in the bathroom. The door knob plays an essential role in preventing such kind of problems. The door knobs come in different styles and shapes.


We often try to find a single type of knob for all the doors. But you can choose a different knob for the bathroom’s door if the bathroom isn’t attached to a room. Let’s take a look at different door knobs you can use for the bathroom.


Contemporary Style

The best type of door knob for your bathroom

The contemporary style door locks are very unique and stylish and they can add a beautiful look to the bathroom door. The best part is that they have a simple operating mechanism and they do not get stuck at any point. Thus, you won’t get locked in the bathroom. And the interesting thing about these door locks is that they bring a unique touch to your home.


Modern Locks


The modern locks have some unique and stylish knobs that can be used to open the door. These knobs usually look perfect on the bathroom doors. They are strong enough to bear the effects of continuous use. And they won’t betray you at any step of the way. Thus, you’d be able to use these knobs for as long as you want.


Traditional Knobs

The best type of door knob for your bathroom

Although the traditional knobs are considered to be outdated, they can still provide you with maximum protection. And don’t worry about the looks as they can still add a staggering look to your home. If you have kids in your home, the traditional knobs can be the ideal option for the bathroom door.


Mediterranean Knobs


The Mediterranean Knobs are the best option available on our list. They can offer an excellent experience for a long time. And you can easily open them with basic tools if you’re locked in the bathroom.