How to use a jack stand safely?

How to use a jack stand safely?

The jack stand is going to be your best companion in tough times. No matter whether you are willing to change a tire or trying check something under the vehicle, the jack stand will help you a lot. Everybody knows that the jack stand is used to lift the vehicle high from a certain point. But some people don’t understand the right way of using it.


If you think you can simply start lifting up your vehicle by placing the jack stand at a point, you must be mistaken because one needs to follow the basic safety standards before using the jack stand. This article is going to highlight the safety measures everyone must take before using the jack stand. Before you start searching for Jack Stands for sale online, you need to spend some time to understand the safety elements. Here is the detailed information about how you can use a jack stand safely.


Get a Helping Hand


Whenever you’re willing to use the jack stand, you must take help from a friend or family member. No matter whether they know the way of using it or not, they should stand by your side to help you if you’re in danger. You can even ask them to help you in lifting up the vehicle with the jack stand.


Find a Level Surface


The jack stand needs to be placed on a flat surface. You are going to apply some pressure on different parts of the vehicle. The jack stand won’t be able to maintain its balance if it’s not placed on a flat surface. And the vehicle will fell on the ground if the jack stand slipped due to massive pressure.


Place Wheel Chocks

No matter whether you’ve pulled the hand brake or not, the wheel chocks are mandatory for avoiding all types of accidents. The wheel chocks will prevent the vehicle from moving. And you’d easily be able to perform certain changes.


OEM jacking Points


All the vehicles come with OEM jacking points that can be used to lift the vehicle. The top end of the jack stand should be placed right under the OEM jacking point so that the frame of the vehicle doesn’t get damaged when you’re lifting it up. The OEM jacking points are strong enough to bear the weight of the vehicle. Therefore, you should only use these points when adjusting the jack stand.