How to Plan Your Own Garden

If you are new to the whole process of gardening, you will surely have some doubts and questions as to what you should do. You might be wondering when to start or where to start. Worry not. Here are some basic steps for beginner gardeners on what do when you plan a garden for the first time.

Think and Consider

Like with many new challenges, before starting your garden too there are some things that you have to consider well and put into thought. Think of the area/ size of your garden and how much of land you can use for gardening. Consider your schedule, decide how you can allocate time to look after your plants or how much time you can allocate for the task. What kind of plant varieties do you plan to include? Will it be just ornamental plants or do you want some crops too? What tools might you need? After deciding all of the above, you can put your plan into action.


The very first thing to plan in your garden is how to utilize your land. One of the best ways to do this is garden landscaping. Landscaping will help you to plan the layout of your garden and will help you decide where to plant which plants and where to include your garden decorations. You can get professional help by requiring the services of a garden maintenance service such as Jim’s Mowing. Get the help of experts to plan your garden for you. Landscaping will also be more helpful when maintaining your garden as it gives an organized structure to your land.


Before planting anything you have to decide a location on your garden to plant them. In your land, there might be places that receive more sunlight. There might be places that never receive sunlight. Be aware of the places that have rich soil and in places you will need a little bit of extra fertilizer. Depending on these locations you can decide where to plant the plants and cater to the need of the plants. For example, the plants that require a lot of sunlight can be planted in places that get more sunlight and plants that will not grow well under intense sunlight can go in shadier places.

Select What You Love

When selecting the flowers and crops give priority to what you love. There is no point of growing fruits or vegetable that no one of your family likes to eat. Even when selecting ornamental plants select the flowers you love the best. But at the same time remember to have a variety of colours in your garden. If you have flowering plants that bear the flowers of the same colour, use two different locations for them instead of placing them next to each other. Growing your favourites will make you love what you do and help you to relax while working in the garden instead of making gardening feels like a duty.


Growing plants isn’t enough if you don’t maintain them. Water the plants regularly and check the soil and its moisture once in a while to make sure your plants receive the necessary amounts of nutrients. Weed and insect control is another thing you have to keep an eye on. These are two things that can greatly harm the health of your plants so make sure you use the necessary weed/ insect control methods and get rid of them immediately. Prune and trim the plants on right time. Always keep your garden clean too.

Planning a garden is not a big responsibility if you follow the right steps. Especially if you are a gardening fan, this will never be a burden to you but a hobby. Make sure you keep the above ideas in mind and everything will be perfect.