How to choose the right bike for your child?

Are you planning to buy a bike for your child this year?


We bet it’s going to be really exciting and your child will definitely love this incredible gift. But things may become a little complicated if you purchased the wrong size for your child. So, it’s better that you take your child with when purchasing the bike. And if you’re willing to give them a surprise, you must take a look at this article.

Here we are going to describe a few things that can be very useful when you’re purchasing a bike. So, let’s take a look at the things you must follow if you want to choose the right bike for your child this year.


Tire size

tips to buy a kids bike

The parents usually underestimate the tires when purchasing a bike for their child while the tire size can ensure safety and convenience. So, you must choose the right tire size that can make your child feel more comfortable when they are riding the bike. Click here to see more information about why choosing the right tire size is important for your child.


Seat Height


The seat height is definitely the next important element that will help in deciding if your child will feel more comfortable on the bike or not. Nowadays, many bikes come with adjustable seats due to which you can adjust the seat height as your child grows bigger. At the time of purchasing the bike, you must make sure that the seat will offer more comfort to your child at the lowest height. Thus, your child will be able to use the bike for many years and you won’t have to purchase a new bike for them after a short span of time.


Stand Over Height

tips to buy a kids bike

The standover height will help in deciding whether your child will be able to handle the bike properly or not. You must make sure that your child’s feet will easily touch the ground when they are sitting comfortably on the seat. The too short bike will make your child bend their knees while they are in standing position. And the too long bike will make it difficult for them to stop the bike in an emergency. Therefore, it’s important to measure the standover height before you make a final decision.