How to Choose an Excellent Property Manager?

Rental properties require active management and maintenance to keep it running at its best. As a property owner, you’d want to keep your property at its best conditions while keeping your tenants satisfied during their stay. To help you achieve these goals, hiring a property manager to handle your rental properties is a good choice. But how do you choose an excellent property manager fit for your business? Here are 5 tips to help you hire the right one.

Specialization and Experience

One of the top factors to look intoproperty managers Brisbane are their specialization in the field. For instance, if you have a residential rental property it would be wise to hire a property manager who has more past experiences in managing residential rather than commercial properties.

Aside from specialization, don’t forget to look into his past records to know if he already has an extensive experience in the field. You’ll need someone who is also knowledgeable in the laws regarding rental properties to keep your business safe and protected from legal issues.

References and Reviews

Nowadays, you can already know more about a certain company by doing some research on the internet. When you’re starting to choose a property management agency, check their reviews or ratings first on their company website and on review sites as well. You may also check with traditional sources just to be sure. To have an idea on the quality of service they provide, you can talk with their current clients as a reference.

Validate Licenses and Certifications

Although there are some states that don’t require licenses to manage properties, it is important that you still verify if the one you’re planning to hire has one. Some people who present themselves as property managers don’t have certifications to prove it.

If you want to be assured that you’re hiring a competent property manager, check their real estate broker license to know if it is up-to-date. Some additional licenses and certifications related to managing properties would be a great plus.

Fully Understand the Contract

Since managing rental properties is a serious business, there should be a contract between the owner and the management agency. Before signing it, read and fully understand all the statements included in it. Be sure that the agreement covers everything that you want and clarify anything that you don’t understand. This covers the responsibilities, fees, and termination agreement.


Insurance is important in almost any kind of service, including property management. Check if their agency offers appropriate insurance such as property casualty insurance, and other related ones. Aside from keeping your business safe it also saves you from issues or problems which could arise later on.

Being meticulous in choosing a good property manager for your business is important. They are not just there to manage the daily operations of your business but you’ll be entrusting your property to them somehow. Your investment is surely in good hands when you work with an excellent property manager.