How Aluminium windows are installed

Before you start looking for “Aluminium window installations near me”, you must have a basic understanding of how aluminium windows are installed. Some homeowners don’t like spending any time on such activities but it may help in choosing the right people for the job.

The information we’re going to share in this article is also very helpful for those who want to install the aluminium windows on their own. But if you don’t have some understanding of carpentry, you should avoid addressing this job on your own. Now, without any delay, let’s take a look at how aluminium windows are installed.




First of all, the installers need to remove the curtains and blinds so they may have a clear working space. They will then lay the drop sheets on the floor and other relevant areas so they may stay safe from dirt, dust, and scratches. If you’ve purchased the frame according to the size of the opening, the installers won’t make any major changes.


But if there is some difference in the size of the opening and the window, the installer will ask for your permission to increase or decrease the size of the opening. They usually have the tools that are required for this purpose.


Installing the windows

How Aluminium Windows are installed

Once the opening is prepared, the installers will lift up the window and place it in an accurate position. This isn’t a single person’s job, therefore, 2 or more installers will participate in this task. Adjusting the window at its place is really important otherwise, it won’t move properly. The installers will then start the drilling process to fix the window in its place.


Finishing Up


After the completion of the drilling process, the installers will move towards the finishing. They will focus on re-adding the blinds and curtains that were removed. And they will also install the architraves. And finally, they will start cleaning all the mess.


Things to keep in mind


The age of the property, level of workmanship, and building type are some important factors one must keep in mind when installing the aluminium windows. These are the factors that may put a serious impact on the installation process. Also, make sure that you’ve taken permission from the relevant authorities otherwise, it will cause you some trouble during the project.




The aluminium windows installation process is a complicated task. And we strongly recommend getting it done by the experts. But if you are looking the address the project on your own, you must consider taking help from at least 3 of your friends during the installation.