5 Reasons Electric Fences Are the Best

Are you rearing cattle? What about sheep? Whichever animals you may have around, electric fences will keep them in place. There are many advantages of owning the fences compared to regular stock alternatives. We’ve talked all about this below.

Vet Bills

Having animals around, something you regularly would be spending on would-be vet bills. They can unfortunately be a lot of cash. You might be under the impression that electric fences are dangerous. After all, animals that bump into them would be shocked.

The volts are not strong enough to hurt them. Many would say that electric fences are safer than regular barbed ones, as you don’t have to worry about something sharp stabbing the animals.


Running a farm is not easy. The last thing you need is a lot of work. Thankfully, electric fences have your back. They tend to be made from high-quality metals, so corrosion won’t be an issue. Once set up, little needs to be done to ensure that they’re working as well.

You can tell if the contraption is doing its job or not by checking the voltage pumping through. You can ensure that it doesn’t get damaged by looking at the vegetation growing near it as well.

You especially don’t need to worry about looking after it if your stock is trained; they won’t go knocking the set-up down.

Easier Work

Not only do electric fences require less maintenance, but they are easier to set up too. A lot of this has to do with the fewer materials. The work is also easier due to the lower wire tension. If you’re on a tight schedule, this is what you want to hear.

Many believe they need specialists or electricians to make the set-ups work. This is far from the truth.

Low Cost

A regular stock fence can require a lot of materials. Depending on where you have to place it, the bill can be even bigger. Its electric counterpart is superior as it requires fewer materials to get the same job done.

Looking for an electric fence kit is more than easy – there are a plethora of sellers around. As there are so many to work with, the hunt to find an option within your budget becomes a piece of cake. Keeping this point in mind, it’d also be easy to find someone who’s selling the fences second-hand. This cut how much you’ll have to pay by half.


When you’re spending money on anything, you’d want it to last a while. Fences in general are pretty hardy. Electric ones are more durable and reliable than regular alternatives. You need fewer parts and use finer materials.

If you have an older stock fence around, you can get it to last longer by attaching an electric fence outrigger to it.

Final Thoughts

Considering everything we talked about, what do you think? Electric fences will keep stock in place. It won’t hurt them, so you don’t have to worry about expensive vet bills.

The devices aren’t expensive or hard to put up either – you’re saving valuable resources. Of course, be mindful of where you pick the kits from. Different manufacturers offer different qualities.