Types of Drills and When to Use Them

Basically, a drill is a construction tool used to make a hole through rotation or chipping motion. It is one of the essential power tools that make construction a little easier than before. There are different types of drills made for a variety of uses. It is important to consider the type of drill you’ll choose depending on what you want to achieve. Here are the basic drills commonly used in construction sites or even at your home.

Drill Driver

It is the basic type of drill that is designed to make holes on a surface and drive screws or fasteners in it. It has a chuck on its end that is used to hold a drill bit. You can choose from a variety of drill bits depending on the size or style of hole you want to make. Some models allow you to set its power when you’re driving fasteners or screws. A drill driver can be used on varied surfaces such as concrete, wood, metal and plastic.

Hammer Drill Driver

This type is almost similar to the basic drill driver. However, it has an additional hammer mechanism that pushes the bit in and out of the surface being drilled. Some models allow you to choose what it does – whether a combination of hammer and drilling, plain drilling or even driving. If you’re looking for a versatile drill, this type would be a perfect choice. Complete your power tools collection with this Milwaukee drill set for a stress-free construction project.

Rotary Hammer

The rotary hammer is like a bigger version of the hammer drill. It provides greater chipping and hammering power than the hammer drill and can be used on tougher surfaces like concrete, stone and other forms of masonry. Unlike the previous two types, a rotary hammer is used when you need to break up a surface.

Core Drill

A core drill is used if you want to make bigger holes in concrete. It is a large drill but doesn’t make chipping or hammering motions. Instead, it creates a core as it rotates instead of chipping out the entire hole. Usually, it has a frame that holds it steady while the bit is being turned.

Earth Auger

An earth auger is a huge drilling machine. Unlike the previous types, this one is used to drill holes on the ground. It is faster than manually digging using a shovel, making digging a lot more convenient that it usually is. Because of its motor size, it can be powered by gas aside from electricity. This tool is definitely helpful when you’re planning to install posts or make holes on ice for ice fishing.

There are plenty of drill types out there and being familiar with them makes it easier to choose which type you need for your construction job. No matter what type it is, make sure that it is suited to the kind of work you want to achieve for more efficiency and convenience in your work.