Things to Know Before Building Your First Swimming Pool

Owning a swimming pool is amazing. It has many benefits; To go for a quick swim when the weather is hot, as a morning exercise and in general staying away from the public swimming pools. Although this does not go without saying that this can be an expensive project but if one is ready to take the bid then constructing won’t be a problem given all the conditions are met.

Obtain the Permits

Before you start with the process its necessary to obtain permission to go with your project. You can apply for this online on the webpage of the necessary organization or contacting them directly. Along with providing permission, they would provide you set of guidelines that you need to stick to, to execute your plan. Also, you should go through your neighbourhood guidelines if they allow for the pool to be built in. and certain municipalities expect you to obtain a different electric permit for the pool which normally the electrician you contact regarding the pool would usually take care of.

Pick Out A Suitable Area

Usually, swimming pools is situated on the backyard, though you can have it on the side if you have enough space for it. Think about where you want your pool to be because depending on site you might have to remove certain additions or fences or trees which may cost you in excess.

Design Your Pool

Plan out the basic design for your pool, if you want any different shape or you would want to stick to circle or rectangular shape, and how deep do you want it to be, how many entrances and exits do you want to have and if you have children you should consider premier picket fencing and fretwork around the pool to prevent any accidents.

Create the Foundation

Usually swimming pool that are built are made of one of three materials concrete, vinyl and fibreglass. Concrete is stronger and more expensive, if you are planning on using the pool in the long run investing on concrete is better as the repair cost later is spared.

Fiberglass is easy to install as they come in premade form only left to lower in. if you are intending to use salt water, vinyl or fibreglass is a good choice as concrete wears down with saltwater in the long run.

Vinyl is large sheets that are fit to the outline of the pool this is by far the cheapest out of all the materials and are in need for frequent maintenance as they wear down fast and wrinkle or bubble up. Many adjustments are needed to get the fit.

Hire A Pool Contractor

With all the ideas set in place, all there’s is left to do is hire a pool contractor, make sure you hire a certified professional pool contractor.

They will begin off work by excavating the ground and evening out the ground creating a smooth surface. Steel supports are laid and the plumbing is installed. The necessary electricity lines are fixed.

Once this is done concrete is poured over the steel support to cover it up. After drying, it would either be finished off by spraying concrete or placing pre-made fibreglass or vinyl depending on your choice. Once the inside is lined all there’s left to do is fill the pool with water and add the chemicals necessary like chlorine to ensure the safety of the water.