Essentials for Your New Bathroom

Just moved into your new place? Wondering how to shop for all the household equipment? Or are you trying to figure out what to buy and what to leave behind? Shopping for bathroom essentials is much similar to shopping for other household items. You have to think of what you need, what you will be using frequently before investing on them. Here are some of the mostly needed bathroom essentials for you.

Shower Curtains

One of the easiest ways to make sure your bathroom stays clean without splashes of water everywhere is by adding a shower curtain to stop the water flowing each and every direction when you take a bath. You can either choose sheer or opaque curtains depending on your preference. Trying out for water resistant curtains are the best if you are looking to really keep the water out of other areas in the bathroom.

Trash Can

A trashcan for a bathroom is necessary both to keep it sanitary and clean. There are many waste items that gets collected in the bathroom from empty toothpaste tubes and makeup tissues to used feminine products. Having a trashcan to dispose these things is much convenient than carrying them all the way from the bathroom to kitchen in order to get rid of them.

A Vanity

A bathroom vanity is the best way to keep your bathroom from looking cluttered and messy. When there is ample storage space, you can store all the items there instead of simply placing them around your sink or countertops. When shopping for a vanity, you can purchase online from the website of a good bathroom essential store or even try local shopping to buy one that according to your requirements.


Good lighting for a bathroom is an essential feature. No one will like it if you have to squint your eyes at the mirror when trying to apply makeup or shave. But at the same time, it is important to make sure that your lights are not too glaring or too bright.


Since this is the place where everyone in the family gets ready before stepping out, a mirror is needed in every bathroom. A mirror can also make the bathroom space looks larger, giving it a more spacey look. Placing this near a light source can even make sure that there is more lighting as the mirror reflects light and amplifies the lighting.

Bars and Hooks

Imagine going to your bathroom and having nowhere to hand your towel or clothes? Yeah that is another bathroom nightmare that you should avoid. Along with enough storage space, you should also have some bathroom wall hooks or hangers to place the clothes.

Keep these items in mind or make a list of them when you are shopping. Whether you are choosing to do traditional shopping or online shopping, having an essentials list will help you to stay within a budget without overspending. This way you will not get carried away while shopping for your house.