Choose the Right Material for Your Doors

Choosing the right material for your doors and windows is important when it comes to home designing. It has to match the house style but also depend on other factors such as durability, cost and maintenance. Take a look at the following to see some of the popular materials used for doors and what are the pros and cons of each material.

Wooden Doors

This is one of the most popular choices for doors. One of the main benefits of using these doors is that you can get it easily designed from your local carpenter or even furniture store. They are not durable when compared to some of the other materials and cost more. However, you can always get a customised door designed for you to suit your budget.

Glass Doors

Although these are not commonly used in houses, glass doors can still be used at specific locations in your home. The most popular usage for glass doors in houses is for back of the house where it can give you a perfect view of the backyard. While you can use these doors for the front of the house as well, it is important to remember that they offer very less privacy. Glass also requires high maintenance is generally expensive.

PVC Doors

PVC doors or doors made of Poly Vinyl Chloride; another type of doors that are being used in common today. These doors are made of the same plastic material used to make products such as pipes. The pros of using these doors are that they do not corrode, durable, termite proof, light weight and moisture resistant. But they are not resistant to harsh weather elements and are not recommended to use in the front of the house.

Fiberglass Doors

These doors are made of glass which is drawn into fibrous form and woven into cloth. They are strong as well as light making them perfect to be used in the front of the house. Just like glass however, they do not offer much privacy so you will have to add curtains together with these doors. Benefits of this material is that when compared to wood and steel, they have low maintenance cost. These doors also do not warp or twist as wooden doors do when exposed to moisture.

Aluminium Doors

Doors made of aluminium is also a great quality product to add to your house. Aluminium is known to be resistant to harsh weather conditions and therefore do not warp or corrode like a lot of other materials. They are also sustainable due to the ability to recycle and provide the more protection during a fire due to its resistance to flames. These doors are suitable for both exterior and interior locations.

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Steel Doors

Just like aluminium, these doors are also suitable for both exterior and interior. Steel doors can be either hollow or solid and comes in a number of designs. These are also less expensive than wooden doors and therefore are being used more by a lot of people who wishes to have a more durable and a cheaper option for doors.

You can choose the best door by deciding the purpose you are going to use it for. Are you going to be using it for your front door, back door or for the interior? Based on this, you can choose which material will suit your location the most.